Rapid advances in technology and development of new technologies create increased levels of air pollution. Nowadays this is one of the most serious problems humanity faces. We all need clean air in our everyday lives and therefore care for the environment and maintaining clean ecosystem should be an important condition for operating a modern industrial facility.
Industries which emit large amounts of dust must apply adequate safety and filtration measures.

ORWAT® Filtertechnik Sp. z o.o., active on the Polish market since 1995, is a well known producer of filter bags and filter pockets.

 Many years of experience of our qualified employees assure delivery of high quality products made of various filtration materials such as – polyester, acrylic, PPS, polyimide, nomex, glass, PTFE – of renowned manufacturers which guarantees that these installations have long life and equipment is utilized at maximum efficiency by end-users.
Our characteristic is that we plan each production step from the base.
We have a modern machine park and good work organization.
We are flexible which means that we can adjust to each customer‘s individual needs and various requirements.
Only products which comply with strict quality control measures leave our production facilities. Our quality mark and the ISO 9001:2008 certificate prove that our products are of the highest quality. This distinction is also a guarantee of our customers satisfaction and comfort.
The production rate ever increasing in our Mysłowice plant, at this point reaching a few hundred thousand of filter bags and filtration pockets annually, placed us in the position of the leading manufacturer in Poland renowned among customers around the world, as well.

We would like to include you among in our satisfied clients group and we are here to provide necessary consultation and professional advise.



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